Veterinary Practice Insurance

What is veterinary practice insurance?

Veterinary practice insurance is something that all veterinary surgeons and surgeries need. The insurance can cover building, equipment, public, liability and employers liability, and much more.

What does veterinary practice insurance cover?

You can have a tailored bespoke policy to cover what is needed. It can cover employers’ liability, public liability equipment stock, and buildings.

What does veterinary practice insurance not cover?

Veterinary practice insurance does not cover the incorrect treatment or advice of an animal, this would need to be covered by a different insurance policy. This is called a professional indemnity policy.

What is locum insurance?

Locum insurance is cover provided if a key member of staff becomes ill and unable to work.

Is locum insurance needed?

Locum insurance is not mandatory, however, it is highly recommended. Locum insurance can cover key members of a veterinary practice. If a vet becomes ill this allows the surgery to hire a locum, allowing the business to continue to trade.

What veterinary practice insurance do I need?

A veterinary practice that employs staff must have employers liability insurance by law. Every practice has to have public liability insurance along with building cover. Equipment and stock should also be covered.

Can I get all-in-one insurance for a veterinary practice?

If you find an insurance company that can offer a full all-in-one insurance cover, an all-in-one policy could be an option.

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