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Protection dog UK

Protection dog UK


Many home owners will fall in love with their protection dog at first sight. There are many different breeds available to buy, with high-level training available, using protection dogs UK is a great way to start your search. If you have children at home and feel a protection dog will ensure your child’s safety you are correct. An owner and the dog needs to have a good companionship for the relationship to work. Protection dogs are trained to a high-level standard. This article is to inform you about the different breeds of dogs best used for protection. One of the main breeds of protection dogs is the Saint Bernard, with the dog’s gentle spirit, Saint Bernard is underestimated. This very powerful dog is one of a kind and is very smart. Most importantly the Saint Bernard is a child-friendly dog who is very loyal. However, if an untrained dog hasn’t been enabled to reach its full potenital, you may see a change in the dog this may be the dog starting to become lazy and not obey rules.

The Newfoundland

The next popular breed of a protection dog UK. The Newfoundland is a popular dog who is very friendly towards children, this means children can play with the dog with the dog having no intentions of attacking. But not only is the dog good with children it also loves to play with other animals so if you have a cat or a dog the Newfoundland will pose no threat the other animals. However, this isn’t the only thing the Newfoundland can do with great protection skills this dog can knock down intruders and you will see the Newfoundland breed are very easy to train with the dog obeying all commands the owner gives out. With amazing strengths, the Newfoundland is very strong and can do heavy labour when put to work. As a big dog, the Newfoundland will need regular exercise and to be looked after correctly.

Bernese mountain dog

The next breed of dog is the Bernese mountain dog. This dog is similar to the last breed, however, is unique to its self. This dog is very gentle with children and will get along with other animals. The Bernese mountain dog is a perfect dog if you want your dog to be gentle with yourself and around your family. However, the presence of the dog is enough to deter an intruder. This breed of dogs will need regular grooming and a lot of exercises, the mountain dog does not like to be left alone so if your family is going to be away from your home often this dog is not for you however if you need a stay at home dog with people always being around the dog this dog is perfect.

Protection Dogs

There are many other breeds available to purchase when looking for protection dogs UK. With each dog having different skills in key areas it is down to the reason you are using the dog, this will help chose which is the best breed is for you. If you’re looking for all round protection dog to prevent harm to you in any situation, think about a boxer or a German shepherd however if you are looking for a small dog just to take care of the house when you’re not there then think about a collie or an Airedale terrier. Protection dogs are well worth purchasing as trained dogs offering a loyal service.