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Flea and worm treatment

Flea and worm treatment

For the long-term health of your pet and your family, it is essential that you protect your pet from fleas and worms. There are many flea and worm treatments available. Worms can pose a threat to your pet and to your family and household. There are many different types of worms around including hookworms, lungworms, and tapeworms. Some of the worms can produce 100,000 eggs per day, these can be passed in the pets’ faeces and spread all around the environment they live in.

Flea treatment for cats

The best cure for fleas in cats is preventative treatments, these should be carried out regularly to protect your cat from catching and spreading fleas. Most flea treatment for cats is topical, it is simply placed on the skin under the fur, another option for flea treatment for cats is chewable tablets, these are quite good if your cat doesn’t mind talking tablets.

Flea treatment for dogs

As with cats, the best cure for fleas in dogs is to prevent it before they take hold. Regular flea treatment for dogs will stop your dog from catching and spreading fleas to other dogs and your household. If your dog is okay with swallowing or chewing tablets these can be administered by yourself or a topical solution where it is just popped under the fur by the collar.

Parasite Control

Parasite control is paramount to keeping your pets healthy and happy. These parasites can suck the blood out of your pets, they can irritate and infest your home. They can cause itchy, flaky skin that will be irritating and if pets continue to scratch and mess with the bites it can cause infections.

Some vets will have flea treatment options in place for your cat or dog, for a monthly payment from as little as £15 per month, this can include vaccinations and flea treatments.

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