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Cat Vaccination

What is a cat vaccination?

A cat vaccination is one of the most important things you can do for your cat or kitten. Being a responsible pet owner, vaccinating your pet is vital to enable them to live a healthy and happy life.

A cat vaccination can help protect your beloved pet from infectious diseases. It can also help to prevent them from passing anything onto other animals that they come into contact with.

How many vaccinations does a cat have to have?

A kitten should have two sets of vaccinations, the first set is usually at around 9 weeks old, and then a booster jab at 3 months old. Then a yearly booster once a year will protect them. It is recommended you keep the kitten in the house until it is fully vaccinated.

A cat vaccination will protect your cat against the following:  Feline infectious enteritis, Cat flu, and feline leukemia virus.

How much does a cat vaccination cost?

Prices for a cat vaccination can vary in price at different veterinary practices. Some vets will offer health plans where you pay monthly so you can spread the costs, they will normally include cat vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, and regular health checkups.

If you buy your kitten from a private seller or adopt them from somewhere like the RSPCA, you may find that the kittens are already vaccinated, or have had at least one vaccination so you may still have to take them back to the vets for their second and for their booster jabs in the future. Always check with the person you have bought the cat from to see if their vaccinations are up to date and they are protected.

Will it hurt?

A cat vaccination will not hurt your pet, most probably will not even notice they have been injected, and will feel fine afterward, some of the more common side effects may include: sleeping more, lack of energy, eating less than normal, fever, and swelling around the vaccinated area. All of these side effects will usually subside within a few days or at the most a couple of weeks. If you are at all worried always contact your vet, but most cats will be fine after their vaccinations.

Cat Vaccination